A Pop of Yellow…





{David, of course, took these photos! He’s really good at snapping outfit pictures for me. I am so grateful!}




Denim Shorts
Winged Tote Bag
Sunglasses (under $30!)
Earrings (only $8!)
Lipstick: Revlon – Sassy Mauve
Nail Polish: OPI – Bubble Bath

Happy first day of August! How was your weekend? Did you do anything interesting or exciting with the last days of July?

The Look
Any kind of tee or tank and a pair of denim shorts is truly my summer uniform. I love coordinating a neutral look with a bright pop of color. The pop of yellow from my lovely handbag gives this look the perfect element of sunshine on a sunny, summer day!

The Latest
On Friday night, I had a “me-party” and ordered a delicious Southern chicken sandwich as carryout from one of my favorite local restaurants, Barrel + Rye, and chilled in bed watching a recording of the Democratic National Convention. I watched Hillary’s speech… and if she didn’t have a reputation for being a liar, she would just about have me convinced that #imwithher. I’m still doing research on her credibility… but man oh man, I kind of wish Michelle Obama was running for pres!

On Saturday afternoon, David and I watched a recording of Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention. He spent about 80% of his speech sharing stats, another 10% talking about ideas (but mostly no real solutions to back those ideas), 5% tossing out one typical politician solution to fund his ideas (cleaning out wasteful policies… real original!) and another 5% cheering on himself, talking about how he will fix America himself (cause, you know, no one else will lend a hand, right?) and chanting “USA” with a crowd of mindless drones. A few of his ideas are good ones, but when you have someone who sends jobs overseas trying to talk about his extreme nationalism and how his patriotic policies will bring jobs back home to America, it’s hard not to see him as anything but a crooked politician in the making.

The Life
David and I had a dinner date at this delicious, and classy Italian pizzeria called NEO. If you follow me on Snapchat (add me: PrettyPerfect89), you’ll have seen we indulged in bruschetta, burrata (oh my gosh! NEO has the best fresh mozzarella blend over a bed of arugala!!), bianco pizza and martinis & mojitos. It was really nice spending most of Saturday together and ending up at one of our favorite local restaurants. David and I had some really great table conversation and I’m loving all the opportunities that we have that bring us closer and closer… it’s amazing getting to know more and more about someone you care about!

During this month of August, I’m going to be getting Alena prepped for 5th grade (she has all of her school supplies, woo hoo!), doing some shopping for fall, hopefully sharing a home decor piece or two with all of you, and of course spending lots of time with my loved ones… I’ve got some interesting opportunities in the works this week, so send some good vibes and hopeful thinking my way.

Tell me about your weekend! What will you be up to this August?

With Style & Love,




  1. I love a good striped tee!!

    I love that you had a “me-party”!! That is so great and it can feel so good to just relax by yourself sometimes :). Your meals sound amazing and I was salivating when I saw them on your snapchat, not gonna lie! I can’t wait to see your home decor and I love reading these snapshots about your current goings on!! Can’t believe August is here already! We have a relatively low key month but will be taking a trip to Annapolis for one night, which I’m really excited about!

    Allison / Joy and Ivy

  2. Love reading your take on the politics over there…it sure is…interesting…watching from up here. Also love that yellow bag!!!! Have a great week.

  3. Amber, I like the cute striped top with jean shorts… it really is a great summer outfit xox

    As for the election, I am grateful I don’t have to vote but I am scared as my daughter lives there and Canada is right next door… I am not a Trump fan in any way shape of form… I never liked him before this but dislike him even more…

  4. Cute outfit! Love the pop of colour! This weekend I had the house to myself as my bf was in Palm Springs. I relaxed, drank lots of wine, and hung out with some girlfriends. :)

    Hope you are having a great week! P.S. David takes wonderful photos.

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

  5. I love this whole outfit, girlie! That bag looks perfect paired with the stripes and shorts. I have this love for yellow paired with classic black and white stripes, I feel it such a more unique take on the classic pop of red. I hear you, girlie. These days, you don’t know who to believe when it comes to politics and promises, this is surely a unique and interesting election to say the least. I’m sending lots of good vibes your way, beauty, for everything you have planned to be a success! Have an amazing week ahead!



  6. Love how you rocked this casual look with a pop of color! And good luck with the US elections. Here in the Philippines things have been pretty crazy too.


  7. Very cute! I’m such a sucker for yellow, so I’m totally drooling over the bag, haha! I wish Michelle was running too, or at least Elizabeth Warren. But I am “with her” but not just because Trump is scary. I think if you go to Politico (?) there’s a really fascinating chart about how much each candidate lies and Clinton was actually the most truthful, which surprised me despite my support of her. The media really slams the Clintons, so it’s so hard to see what’s what. XO

  8. I’m really afraid of the possibilities of DT becoming president. His campaign is based on mindless fear and it’s not right, we don’t need to feed more into the fear and hatred.

    I’m so happy that you’re happy, Amber, you honestly deserve it and David seems so good for you.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. Yeah I’m still waiting on Trump to share an actual plan. I’m not sure we’ll ever actually get one from him though. Michelle’s speech was amazing it was so touching and got me a bit teary towards the end. I’m going to miss having her a first lady.


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