Abstract & Ornate Floral Print…







Dress | Boots (on sale!) | Socks | Lipstick: Revlon “Wine With Everything” | Nail Polish: OPI “Keeping Suzi At Bay”

Hey all! How was your weekend? Anything fun and exciting happen? I tend to share moments from my weekend on my Instagram (@ambershann0n) and Snapchat (@prettyperfect89)… so follow me there!

Last weekend, I was playing around with my Nikon D3300… I learned how to adjust exposure and ISO settings. Well… it’s been both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I like being able to control the lighting let into photos (this is a huge deal for when lighting is darker), but it’s bad because I’ve taken some photos that are overexposed (like if the sun is out and my camera’s lighting setting haven’t been properly adjusted to reflect the brightness outside)… like in this post… kind of…

Learning about photography is not easy and involves a lot of trial and error. I really wanted to take these photos again, but really, I did make a promise to not be so vanilla about blogging, so here, in this post, are some photos that would have turned out more awesome, had they not been so overexposed. I will continue to play around with my camera, and hopefully get the whole, exposure element much more polished,

Meanwhile… this dress print is fun! It’s like an ornate and abstract floral print combo. Well, that’s what I’m calling it. Anyone know of a more precise name for the print of this dress??

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  1. I feel ya! I just got a new camera and am bent on learning all the ins and outs, but it can be so daunting! There are so many good tutorials out there on the Internet, though, and I’m considering taking a class because I never took photography in school, so I really am starting from scratch. Here’s to trying new things for our blogs and learning a few things along the way :)

    • Seriously! Same! I never took photography classes and learning how to use my camera is difficult!! But interesting!! Definitely many moods based on both sadness over failures and elation over triumphs! :o)

  2. Love the print of the dress and the dress itself fits you like a glove! Great pick! I agree that it takes time to figure out camera settings – there are so many possibilities that you can choose to shoot with. Personally I prefer to work with Aperture priority and leave the ISO on auto.


  3. I adore this cute dress on you! And I know photography is hard, messing with those settings takes patience and lots of trial and error. Good luck, and if you figure it out, please do a post to help the ones who are clueless like me hehe

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  4. Hey, at least you still look adorable! I took a bunch of pictures of an outfit this weekend and was just so off my game that all of them were a bust – so I decided to scrap it. lol Photography can be challenging but kudos to you for breaking out of the auto function ;)


  5. Hmmmm, I would also call it a ‘Mixed Print’ dress, there is so much going on with the dress in a good way that one could think of a plethora of names! Its not an easy dress to pull of but you look mega funky in it. As for ze camera, I too have been tinkering with my camera, I really want to up my photography game…and like you, this sometimes leads to not-so-perfect results, but no pain no gain I guess. Have a good Wed hon! ( :

  6. Yolisma

    Love the print! Would also look cute with western boots. (The west is definitely growing on me!) Love your style! ????

  7. I love the print of that dress, it’s so fun! I admire you for playing around with the settings on your camera–I rarely do because I’m afraid to mess it up! :)

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