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Alena’s Look:

I’ve brought my daughter, Alena, to All the Cute a few times over the past year, see some of her looks here:

Pink Shimmer…
Alena is 10!
Buffalo Print Dress

Each time I’ve brought Alena to the blog, I have received great feedback! Alena recently turned 10, and over the years, it has been so much fun having a little girl to dress and share style tips with. The look Alena has on is a casual, spring ensemble from when we went to dinner on Sunday night. Alena ordered Mac & Cheese for dinner, and since the weather in Chicago was gorgeous, we went out for ice cream after, too.

My current focus is getting Alena into modeling. Everyone says “she’s so tall” but I see beyond that. She’s beautiful, and not just on the outside, she’s a sweetheart of a daughter, too. I’m lucky! So while I believe she’ll be successful at many things, she’ll make for a lovely model.

I’ll see you here on Thursday with a look of my own…

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  1. Alena is GORGEOUS, Amber, I can certainly envision her as a model, too! Perhaps you can open an Instagram account for her that you will manage and feature some of her school and vacation looks, products and brands she personally loves on there, that way she can gain a following and companies will take notice! Plus, it’s much easier to manage an Instagram as opposed to two separate blogs! As for this outfit, I absolutely love it! Those metallic gold flats are so lovely and I’m sure she’ll be wearing them all season long, since they go well with everything! Kids are only as good as their parents, they are often a direct reflection of them, so her being such a love stems from all the love you’ve poured into her and don’t think she’s not watching how you handle life’s issues, she is and that’s all being influenced by her gracious behavior, which you can see reflected in her demeanor in all of her photos! Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you both have a wonderful day!



  2. Your daughter is gorgeous! I’m a model (and brand new blogger) and could definitely see her getting signed easily! People’s first reaction to me my entire life has been “she’s so tall” too. It’s tough when you’re younger but now I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

    It took a couple months to get an agency to sign me. I have friends who signed on the first day of agency-hunting and some who signed after 4 years of practice modeling. Either way, I hope Alena sticks with it! She seems very natural in front of the camera and is a really, really beautiful girl!

    My friend from Chicago just walked for Gucci and stared in some of their commercials. I forget what agency she is with though… But I know she said Chicago is a great market to get started in!

    I hope everything goes great in your daughter’s modeling journey. I didn’t sign until just before my 24th birthday (a year and a half ago) and wish I’d done so at a younger age! She is lucky that you are guiding her in that direction!!

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

  3. Alena would make a lovely model… she is really pretty. I like her outfit her and her beautiful smile. (Just don’t let modeling places tell her that she needs to change things… I think we need to see more natural beauties xox)

    • Yes, Launna! I agree… I was just reading something about how models are constantly being told this and that… so hoping to keep Alena safe and fight that industry standard.

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