Alena’s 9th Birthday Celebration

Hello! It has been a crazy couple of weeks… I touched on why in my post called Refresh… and while that was all still very recent, I’m feeling like myself again. I haven’t been sitting around crying, or unproductive, or unable to find the desire to move. That means, I’ve found myself able to blog a bit again. I didn’t want too much time to get away and not post some photos from Alena’s Cinderella Birthday Party, so here are some shots from the day!…










Part of Alena’s party was spent at a restaurant. Each girl was given a tiara, the girls enjoyed lunch together, Alena opened presents… then no one actually got around to eating the cupcakes. Actually, the BF, Mike and I, had made homemade cupcakes, but the owner of the restaurant wouldn’t let us eat them at the restaurant. (Apparently a health code violation, lame!) That was a bummer… but yeah, my sister and best friend, Brittany, ran out to the store to get cupcakes…that no one even ate. Oh well. After lunch, we all went to see the new Cinderella movie. It was a great afternoon, Alena and her friends had a blast, and that’s all that matters to me!




  1. Yolisma

    She looked absolutely adorable! And, nothing can beat that gorgeous smile on her face (just like her mama!

  2. Shannon

    Oh my goodness! How cute!!! It looks like Alena had a blast and she looks beautiful! So glad to hear youre feeling like yourself again!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

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