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Notice the stripe detail on my shorts… how cute and coordinating, right!?



Hello Lovelies! How was your weekend? Mine was…eventful… and techie cool! I bought some new technology to hopefully help improve my creative interests. I invested a new prime lens for my camera, and also an iMac with retina display and the big 27″ screen…and let me tell you… it’s amazing!! I also purchased a couple other cool apps and such, and I am excited for my creative journey ahead… over the next week or two, look out for better quality photos…and longterm… more creative touches on All the Cute!

Other goals for All the Cute? I’ve been fashion blogging for a little over a year, and I want to feature a more “narrowed” style. My style is a mix between boho (some days, I just love a printed pair of joggers or a sundress!) and casual cute (hello, zipped hoodies and skinny jeans!)… When I was an adolescent, I had very little style. I barely even wore jewelry (when the occasion arose, I raided my sister’s collection). When I looked at fashion magazines, I was interested in the articles, and not necessarily what models were wearing. Now, my style and fashion tastes have evolved, and as I’ve grown more comfortable in identifying the definitions of my personal style… I want to share what I love, and make sure that my wardrobe is consistent. I still like trendy here and there, but, like the look in this post, I will certainly be striving to make sure that All the Cute features more of the every day Amber…

With Style & Love,



  1. Mili

    Wow! Sounds like you had a very successful weekend :) Congrats on the new purchases! You look so cute here :) Love the striped detail on the shorts

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. I love purchasing electronics, especially when it’s things to help with blogging…I also love tripes and denim, that patch of stripe detailing on the shorts is super cute, I love how it ties in perfectly with the T-shirt. :D

    Samio x

  3. I like that it will be more of a casual Amber… I never had great style when I was younger myself… in my late 20’s I got into make up and jewelry and totally enjoyed it… then I had Valentina and rarely make time again… although I am working on that again… xox

  4. Yay for creativity and new technologies. Curious to know what apps you are trying. Also, I always love your poses, so happy!

    • Thanks girly!! ♥ … I am going to purchase a subscription to Creative Cloud to get apps like Photoshop and Illustrator… I’m interested in graphic design, so I am curious to see what I can learn (or have my 10y/o daughter learn, and show me, hehe!!)

  5. I love this outfit, Amber, such a cute, causal outfit and I love how the stripes in the shorts coordinate with the shirt! I think that’s wonderful that you’re narrowing things down in a way that’s totally reflective of who you are as a whole, imparted in your style! I look forward to your future content, I know it will be nothing short of amazing! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



  6. Those shorts are so cute! Can’t believe they are Target, though they always have cute things haha. I understand what you mean by style evolution. I’ve always been more on the tom boy side, but in the last few years I’m learning more and more what I like. It’s interesting!


  7. Oh girl! I can totally imagine myself in that outfit. I love wearing a tee and denim shorts. That’s so easy and comfy. And yeah, you look so pretty in this outfit. And those stripe details on the denim is so cute <3

    xoxo Eva |

  8. Loving this look! You always look great in mini shorts :)
    And how awesome it is that you got a new lens and mac! Im now super curious about your new pictures! :D


    Novelstyle Blog

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