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Happy Wednesday lovelies! This is such an exciting post because I get to share some really cool news. Last Wednesday, I met my favorite author, Renee Rosen for a latte at Peet’s Coffee. Renee Rosen is a bestselling author who penned novels that center on historic people and events throughout Chicago’s history. I first stumbled across her work last spring while shopping at Barnes & Noble. Before sharing details about our coffee date, I’d like to discuss her novels…

This is the first book I read by Renee. I came across Dollface last spring while waiting in line to check out at Barnes & Noble. Dollface, set in Chicago during the 1920s, is about a flapper girl named Vera who finds herself going from an independent, but struggling and near poverty, young woman to the wife of a rich gangster. The book covers a lengthy span of the roaring 20s and includes some infamous historical moments such at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. This prohibition era novel is such a page turner and it got me immediately hooked on Renee Rosen’s work.

What the Lady Wants
After reading Dollface, I received a recommendation from Renee to read What the Lady Wants. If a scandalous affair, focusing on the rise of Marshall Field and his mistress (and the novel’s leading lady, Delia), sounds like your cup of tea, then this is a must read. Opening with the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, this book spans decades of the couple’s love affair, as well as the iconic emergence of luxury department store, Marshall Field’s. When I finished What the Lady Wants (and Dollface!) I was eager to further research the factual events covered in Renee’s novel, as well as continue reading her stories.


White Collar Girl
There is a character trend throughout Renee’s Chicago set stories. The trend is the books are told from the point of view of women who are strong of heart and very determined. White Collar Girl does not waver from this trend. In White Collar Girl we meet Jordan, an aspiring journalist who finds herself met with much sexism while writing for a Chicago newspaper. The dedicated Jordan investigates key people who were involved in the numerous political scandals throughout Chicago’s government in the 1950s. Due to the relentless, feminist strength of Jordan, this book is a must read for any modern day #girlboss.

Windy City Blues
This novel is not yet published… but it’s coming soon! This book will span the musical movement of the blues as the Chess Brother’s grow their self-named record label, which introduced us to some great artists such as Muddy Waters and Etta James. I know this book will be as captivating as the novels mentioned above. Renee showed me the cover art that will accompany her soon to be released book, and it stirred up even more anticipation as I eagerly await her newest piece.


Now, onto the coffee date… Renee and I met at Peet’s Coffee. When she walked into the cafe, I had to hug her right away because she radiated such good vibes. On a warm sunny morning, we chatted on the patio at Peet’s about her struggles and success as an author, and my own aspirations as a blogger and digital creative. Very genuine, Renee was so easy to talk with and between the two of us chatting, we barely had a moment of silence.

After coffee, I spent the rest of the day with a glow from not only getting to meet my favorite author, but also because Renee left me with a renewed sense of inspiration. Oftentimes, it is easy to view life with an unrealistic set of eyes as we may feel that our lives should be a certain way, at a certain age and at a media standardized approval. We can easily fall prey to this mindset of immediate gratification which makes life a lot less enjoyable and turns us into ungrateful beings. Renee gave me an unintentional reminder that life is a journey and the “right now” viewpoint isn’t a good perspective. Meeting with Renee was so refreshing. I gained insight on her perseverance towards her writing passions as she was patient enough to now enjoy doing what she loves. Hearing about her endurance left me walking away feeling positive in spirit and believing in myself. And that’s pretty cool, huh?

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Psst… Renee is on Facebook and Instagram! Be sure to show her some love online, and I definitely recommend reading her work. You’ll be hooked!


  1. Amber that is awesome you were able to meet your favorite author. .. and what and interesting premise she writes about. I haven’t sat down to read a good book lately but this sounds like one I would love. I’m happy she helped you to be positive. .. that’s wonderful xox ♡♡♡♡

  2. Wow, Amber, what an awesome experience to have met a local, best selling author! Prior to this post, I’ve never come across any of Renee’s books, but I’m so glad I have now! Dollface sounds so intriguing and that’s one I’d love to start off with in her collection; it kind of reminds me of Pretty Woman a bit, based on your brief description! To be honest, I tend to connect more with those of age that have wisdom an have been there done that because like Renee, they can really provide such impactful advice and what she shared with you has inspired me, too, so thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a wonderful week, beautiful!



  3. Jenn

    Wow! You are so lucky to have met such an inspirational person. And I agree with her. It is very easy for us to compare our lives with other people’s because media. But we must always remember that life is a journey and that everything will happen at the right time. We just have to be patient.

    I might check out the books you mentioned above. They sound interesting! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  4. This sounds so amazing! That’s such a great feeling when you get to meet someone you admire. I can’t even imagine meeting my favorite author. I think it’s really neat you felt comfortable with her right away. She sounds like a lovely author and I am definitely going to check out her work, thank you!


  5. This is so cool! I would love to meet my favorite author. Although I wouldn’t really know what I would like to say hah. I really like how she bases her stories off of historical moments too. That makes it really interesting.


    Violet Roots || Instagram || Twitter

  6. Wow you are so blessed! That’s amazing. I bet reading her books after this meeting is gonna give you whole new perspective. I will definitely go and try to find her novels at my nearby bookstore. Thank you xx

  7. All of those books sound right up my alley. I’m heading to the library this weekend and will definitely look for them! So cool that you got to meet Renee in person!

    Doused In Pink

  8. Gorgeous handbag. I love pop of yellow. So so perfect for summer! I would love to get one of those. So amazing that you got to meet your favorite writer – especially as a fellow writer.

    xx- S || Gamine & Stripes

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