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Fall is well underway, even though we’ve still had a couple of 70° days here and there, we’ve had some daytime temps in the 50s° and at night, it has already dipped into the 40s°!! When it’s chilly out, I love lounge wear for when I’m relaxing around the house, or out for some weekend errands. These are some of my favorite pieces to keep it comfy, cozy, and extra casual this fall. I utilize Pinterest a lot, so if you are liking these pieces, I recommend you follow me on Pinterest, and check out my currently craving board.

Since I haven’t gotten too many outfit posts up lately, I wanted to also take a moment to write about what has been going on in my world… Well, work has been super busy! I don’t think I’ve ever shared, but I work at an HVAC company. I’m the construction coordinator, and my position involves lots of accounting, lots of deadlines, and plenty of paperwork. I really like my job, though. I adore the people I work with, and since I’m usually really busy, the day flies by. I studied English and Secondary Education in college, so learning about HVAC and construction has been a huge change. At the end of this month, I’ll have been with my current company for a year…craziness!

My daughter, Alena, is thoroughly involved in her 4th grader world. I got a nanny for her this year because, as a single mother, it really helps having someone take Alena to dance classes (she’s in hip-hop and jazz), and also help with homework. When I come home from work, I change and [try to] go the gym; afterwards, I have more evening time to spend with Alena, cook dinner, see the boyfriend, and relax.

Speaking of the boyfriend, well, that’s going along well… am I in love yet? *sweet smiles* We’ve had a few bumps over the past 5 months, but maybe it will make our relationship stronger. Hopefully… but if I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t feel like love needs to be rushed. I think I’ll share my viewpoint on love and relationships in another post coming soon! Anyway, my man is bringing me with him to Maryland again in a couple of weeks. He lived there for 5 years, and his band-mates are out there, so he goes back pretty often. They are playing at a big Halloween event in Pennsylvania called Field of Screams. Anyone hear of it before? I have noooooo idea what I want to be for Halloween, yet. I was dabbling with a Burlesque-inspired costume… but I don’t know! Any suggestions? What are you being? Alena told me she wants to be a werewolf (!?), that’s her second choice if the Mal costume from the Disney Store doesn’t come back in stock asap!!

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  1. I love comfy and cozy hoodies for the cool weather.. I really need a nanny type of person, after the big argument over homework the other night…. I am seriously thinking of a tutor. Not that I have that type of money but I also would like to keep a decent relationship with my daughter. I am happy the relationship is going along pretty well… it is good not to rush love… good for you, have fun in Maryland xox

  2. I like to wear lounge wear around the house as well. Especially when it starts to get cold. These are great comy picks! Also, I have no ideas yet for Halloween costumes. I always seem to focus on my kids first for Halloween. If worst comes to worst I have a witch hat which is pretty easy to style with an all black outfit. Thanks for sharing these with us.


  3. I am the same way with cozy knits, sweats and loungewear. The more the merrier! lol free people butter, alternative earth, and free city got some nice ones!

  4. These clothes make me want to curl up with some hot chocolate and stay in bed all day. I love it! I would really like to hear your take on love and relationships… I feel like you would have some very insightful things to share. I would also love to hear more about having a nanny. The pros and cons, how you found one, etc. I don’t have kids yet but I plan to be a working mom and I’ve always wondered how to make it work. I feel like Ive been so absent from blogging lately and I’ve missed reading your posts!


  5. Having a nanny is a good thing. Don’t rush the relationship. Take your time and learn about each others differences. Because at the end of the day, you want to end up with someone that you know you can trust. Thanks for sharing these pieces with us. I will follow you on pinterest.

  6. Working full time and keeping up with a blog is a lot of work! I think that it’s important to not rush love either… I have been with my bf (now fiance) for 8 years. It took us a couple of years before we started saying i love you. Everyone relationship has its own pace. Have a great weekend!

  7. I am loving all of these cozy lounge clothes for fall and winter so much! Just picked up a cozy blanket today for the sofa so I am def. feeling all of the coziness in this post.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

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