Hey there! I am so glad you stopped by!

I just started All the Cute, it’s my first personal blog, ever!

When I first really, really got into blogging, I more or less focused on design than content, and my first blog was a fail. When my hosting subscription was up for renewal I put the brakes on my first blog and canceled it. The topic wasn’t my niche anyway.

Then, in 2014, I launched Her & Hair, and I am loving having a blog that stands on the legs of women empowerment. Read more about Her & Hair by visiting the about page.

Now onto All the Cute:

All the Cute is my personal blog where I can share my personal world from being a mommy, a girlfriend, a lady into fashion, a décor expert (well, trying to be), and all the fun along the way.

Right now, I am still working on all the setup for my blog, but in the meantime, find me on Instagram @ambershann0n or follow me on Twitter and feel free to stop by again. Or, even better, subscribe to my blog using the form below so you get the details on my first “official” post…see you soon!



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