Grey Knit Romper & Converse


Another Monday… they just come up so quickly! How was your weekend? What did you do? As I mentioned in the post where I get a little more personal, I’ve been super busy with life lately! I guess that’s summer…or just life…

On Friday, Alena had a friend over for a play date. Later, my girl friends Rachel and Lauren came over and we headed out to a favorite local spot, The House Pub, to hear some tunes and dance. It was such a fun girl’s night!

Saturday was a day to get things done, like laundry a couple of errands, and what not, then at night, I joined the fella for dinner and seeing Jurrasic World. Firstly, I keep calling him “the fella” because he hasn’t officially said, “you’re my girl/girlfriend…” and I feel like until that’s spoken, we aren’t fully committed. I guess he’s “not seeing anyone else…” but still… what girl doesn’t want that? It’s only been like a month a couple of weeks though, soooo for now it’s enjoyable dating and getting to know each other…and he will continually be referred to as, “the fella” or Kai… my nickname for him.

Alright, so yes, again, I did see Jurassic World. It was quite entertaining. As if you already aren’t suspending disbelief watching a film about dinosaurs mingling among humans, there were a lot of other moments of, “that can’t happen!!!” too.

So after the movie, Kai and I headed back to his place and his roomie was home. Both guys play guitar, and so they rocked some acoustics, and prompted me to free style some song lyrics as they played. While I believe/know I have a good voice, I have never done anything like that before. Performing in front of others, even a couple of people, is nerve-wrecking… but also… it was really a bunch of liberating and easy fun!

Sunday was another day of playing catch up…including showing some love to the blog. Which brings me to my outfit, this grey romper is such a simple item that makes for a cute and casual look. Right up my alley of comfort, I paired this romper with a pair of classic Converse and voila, outfit of the day! #ootd (Yes, I straightened my hair, then pinned it up, because humidity…)









And…for an unusual twist…some black & whites… (because Chris Parsons took my photos, and he loves the classic styling of black & white photography, and he insisted as such)!




Romper | Converse Sneakers | Earrings (similar) | Bracelets (similar: here & here) | CuffInfinity Ring | Nail Polish: Essie “Turquoise and Caicos”

So this is my first romper of the year… I bought another one, maybe I’ll share it in an upcoming post. I like rompers, but honestly, I’m more of a dress girl. What do you think?



  1. Amber, I like your romper… it looks very cute on you ♡

    I know what you mean about the fella… I have someone but until he makes some sort of real commitment, he will be the guy… and nothing else.;-) xox

  2. Freestylin’ it sounds crazy! I would have been way nervous too!

    I love that jumpsuit! So casual yet sexy! Love the look :)

  3. So cute! I wish my legs looked that good in a dress! Haha. And I felt the same way about Jurassic World . . . which was ironic since after we saw it my husband said, “I really liked that it wasn’t TOTALLY unbelievable.” And I just looked at him like . . . huh??

  4. This is the perfect summer weekend look and you wear it well. I have a love/hate relationship with rompers but this one looks so comfy and easy I can’t resist it.

  5. Whoa, good for you to be able to freestyle! I can’t sing to save my life, I croak like a frog and nobody needs to hear that. LOL! I really want to watch Jurassic World, I love the original so would seriously love to watch this latest movie!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. Ohhhh I love outfits that look comfy and chic, which yours totally does! I’m also 100% a dress girl but I can’t get enough of rompers this season!

  7. Loving your romper. I’m into gray right now so this is perfect especially with your chucks. What a a nice date with your fella. It sounds like your are headed into the gf zone soon. Fingers crossed.


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  8. looking gorgeous in the grey romper! I haven’t seen the new Jurassic movie yet, heard great things about it :)

  9. All relationships progress at different rates. It took several months before my now fiancee and I talked about labeling our relationship as “boyfriend and girlfriend”. He was always exclusive to me (and I to him), but we just never bothered to label it right away. If you feel uncomfortable it important to discuss it with him. Love your outfit by the way, great style for summer!

    • I love your comment… thank you for sharing… definitely added a new perspective… things are indeed going well, and I need to just ride it out and not be all concerned with social norms like labeling.

  10. The sneakers are a great way to dress down and be super comfy on a day where all you are doing is playing catch up and getting stuff done. Definitely the right way to go. And are those slip on converse? I may have to say “screw the actual chucks, I am getting the slip ons instead!” (Takes me forever to put my shoes on, and my Mr. gets so frustrated when my sandals need to be buckled on! This would be a great quick compromise!)

    Clare | Understated Classics

  11. I love this romper on you. I could never pull rompers off, they swallow me haha.


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