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If you follow my Instagram, you already know the Chicago area was slammed with a blizzard over the weekend. Snow started falling Friday evening and didn’t stop until late, Saturday afternoon. In my area, we got about half a foot of snow accumulation. Usually, the first snow in Chicago is a little flurry fall, so having a heavy first snowfall was crazy!

Although snow is the worst to drive in, it’s amazing to look at. My neighborhood was instantly more lovelier for the impending holiday season, as it was covered in a blanket of fresh powder. I took this as an opportunity to go outside and share one of my favorite finds for winter: this grey toggle coat. It’s comfortable, warm, and absolutely cute!

I can’t wait to share more of my winter favorites as the season goes on! What are some of your favorites this year?

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  1. Amber, you look cute and the jacket is lovely… I can’t believe the crazy snow already… my oldest daughter is in Wisconsin and I have seen the pictures of snow there too… wow… I am hoping it stays far, far away from Nova Scotia for as long as possible xox

  2. Such lovely scenery you have gracing you in the background, Amber! I agree, snow is not the best to drive in (the only thing that makes me not like it, other than when it gets black and slushy), but looks gorgeous when it first hits the ground. It creates such a beautiful whimsical feeling, especially so close to the holidays!

    I love your grey goat and boots, btw! You’re such a beauty :)

    I hope you have a wonderful day and start to your week!



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