Hello, hello! This is just word flow of what I’ve honestly been up to lately:
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I am a busy lady! Between working full-time, being a single mom to Alena, and also being Mike’s girlfriend, I feel like I just can’t quite get “it” right. What’s the “it?”
I feel like it’s my hobbies, interests, goals, and things I need to do (work out, parenting, cooking, cleaning, laundry, blahhh so much)!
“It” is a balancing act of self-bargaining… and the promise of tomorrow.


I always prioritize Alena. She’s my daily sunshine, my little love, and my mini-me bestie!
What has she been up to? Besides having the social life that 3rd graders do (birthdays, sleepovers, play dates, etc!)…
She has be rehearsing for and will be in Seussical, the Musical! Her first community theatre performance.
The show runs next weekend (Feb. 20th-22nd) and I, unashamedly, cannot wait for the madness to end!
Then, Alena is an avid dancer, over the years it has been from ballet, to jazz, and hip-hop, though we cut it down to just jazz classes this time around.
Finally, there’s violin. Orchestra lessons and a recent concert, her first!

What else?
Homework. Homework help (she sees a math tutor, daily).
And then all the usual… meals, entertainment (we’ve seen so many kiddie movies lately: Annie, Into the Woods, Paddington, & Spongebob),
it goes on and on…


He’s my love bird. My teammate. Together, we’re Mamber. No, really…we call ourselves Mamber.
Buuuut… we only see each other on the weekends.
We live 45 minutes away from each other, and while living together is in the talks… it won’t be happening this year.
It’s tough, but we text, talk on the phone, and Skype throughout the day, and our weekends are always special!
Lately, we’ve seen a couple good date-night movies in theaters together, too (Hunger Games: Mockingjay & The Wedding Ringer)

I majored in English and graduated college with a BA back in 2011…
So it’s no shocker that I love, love, love writing (I will be sharing some pieces, soon!).
I also love reading.
Blogging is fun and I love the social aspect of it…and I can’t wait for “tomorrow” to keep improving All the Cute.
Scrapbooking… I need to order photos… that means organizing computer files… I’ll get to that… tomorrow.

What else?
Well, there’s probably a lot more else… and my 2015 Goals are somewhat underway!
I’ll do an update at the end of March, 3 months into the new year…

That’s all for now… tomorrow I’ll be posting a recipe! At least that tomorrow is valid.

What’s going on in your world? Any posts I absolutely need to check out/read?



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