Jag Jeans Style Series: Daytime Casual







Jeans (c/o)
Jacket (c/o)
Lipstick | Revlon “Sassy Mauve”
Nail Polish | Essie “Minimalist”

I am so excited for this post (and the ones to come in this series)! Have you heard of Jag Jeans? They are a women’s clothing company based out of Seattle. Jag Jeans focuses on great fitting denim for women, designed by women. When they reached out to collaborate, I was a little hesitant, because I have my usual “go-to” places for denim. But I agreed to give them a try, and I’m glad I did!

The jeans I am wearing are called the Ella Flare. Until Jag Jeans convinced me, I hadn’t worn flares in almost a decade! Even though the flared jeans trend has come back, I did not want to get on board, but the Ella Flares have me feeling very differently. They are super comfortable, and look amazing dressed up or dressed down.

Another amazing component of this casual outfit is the denim jacket. This white denim piece is called the Savannah Jacket, also made by Jag Jeans. My jacket fits perfectly and is so easy to move in. The reason this jacket is so comfortable is because it’s made with Jag Jeans’ Freedom Knit Denim. That denim is an awesome fabric blend which makes the Savannah Jacket soft and stretchy.

Layered under my jacket is a striped, cotton tee. The jacket and tee paired with the Ella Flares and a simple pair of flats make for the perfect daytime casual look.

All this week, I’ve teamed up with Jag Jeans to bring to you my favorite, new denim pieces! Can’t wait to share more looks with you! What do you think of these flared jeans and the white denim jacket? Would you give these comfy and trendy pieces are try?


Thanks to  Jag Jeans for sponsoring this post!


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  2. Well done for bagging this collaboration hon! Loving that kick out flare on you, very 70s Funkalicious, haha! Have a good week! ( :

  3. Amber I love the flared jeans… they look so wonderful on you … wow… very pretty xox

    By the way, I am sorry to hear about the guy… geesh are there no nice guys left around… I have to believe there is since I know my oldest daughter met and married a really wonderful man… she has been with him for years and even though they have trials they love each other… it can happen, hence why I am opening my heart… hoping xox

    • I’m NOT looking… I’m just open to it if it happens. The last guy I was in love with was the complete opposite of what I had dated… unfortunately he broke my heart the most… he was my best friend and I knew him for years. I’ve had heartache and got past it… that last one nearly did me in and it’s taken me years to want to even open up… I didn’t know if you wanted me to publish your last comment xox… thanks Amber

  4. Wow, Amber, those jeans look AMAZING on you; they fit you perfectly! They look like the have a nice stretch to them, which I personally love in a jean. I love that you wore a denim-on-denim look, but switched it up a bit by adding a white denim piece, creating a nice refreshing feel for spring! Can’t wait to see the way you style the rest the jeans this week! I hope you have an amazing day ahead, girlie, and thanks so much for sharing!



  5. Oh those flares look perfect on you! Love the striped tee too. I tried on a pair of flares at work not too long ago also after a decade and I was surprised at how good they looked, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to buy them yet haha. I only just got boyfriend jeans, I’m pretty particular when it comes to my jeans.

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