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Larimar Ring c/o | Cardigan | Blouse | Denims | Boots | Lipstick: Revlon “Sassy Mauve” | Nail Polish: Essie “Tuck it in My Tux”

Hello lovelies! I hope this post brightens up your Monday. I have something awesome to tell you, and it has to do with the ring I’m wearing…

The ring features a gorgeous gemstone called Larimar. Larimar is a rare, turquoise-blue toned gemstone that is found only in the Dominican Republic.

As a girl who loves hand candy, this Larimar ring is a new favorite jewelry piece of mine. The story behind my Larimar ring is the gemstone is said to have ties to the myth of Atlantis, and also holistic healing powers. Pretty cool huh? Also, do you see that gorgeous pearl companion?! Love it!

To see other lovely jewelry pieces, using this unique stone, check out the handcrafted, fine jeweler: Larimar.

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This post was sponsored by Official Larimar Store.


  1. That ring is so cool! I’m a big fan of anything teal and that stone looks like a lighter version. I also really like wearing pearls – I feel like they make any outfit more classy – so this combo is definitely a winner for me. I hope you had a great Monday!

  2. Lovely ring indeed, I love rings with interesting detailing and your Larimar ring fits the bill. Love the mix of turquoise and pearl, and also the gentle curve of the ring…and the fact that it has healing powers to boot? Well I’m sold! ( :

  3. That is such a gorgeous ring, Amber! My husband gifted me a necklace on our first vacation together in Punta Cana and I love it. For some reason, I don’t wear it as much; I don’t know why! Your post has reminded me of how beautiful the stone is. The stone looks beautiful on you, girlie, thanks so much for sharing with us and I hope you have a wonderful day!



  4. Soooo Gorgeous:)
    In Love with this:)
    Thanks Darling
    I Have a New Post i hope you like:)

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