Moscato Mimosa

Moscato Mimosas Recipe

Can you say YUM!?
A month or so¬†ago, before breakfast, upon noticing that a bottle of moscato I’d had at
home was a bubbly beverage, I decided to make a mimosa! Yes, I posted the pic on my
Instagram (@ambershann0n) but I’ve wanted to share the ridiculously simple recipe.

The more traditional mimosas are champagne and orange juice, but being that I’m not a
champs kinda girl, I had no problem ditching tradition and making a really delicious
mimosa with a moscato that I’d never tried before. Mixed in with fresh squeezed orange
juice, the drink was absolutely delish!…

Try this yummy beverage out on Sunday with a homemade brunch!
Here’s what you need…

(Yields 4-5)

  • Sequin Moscato – 1 Bottle (I found it for like $12 at Target!)
  • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice – 24 oz.
  • 8oz. Wine Glasses – Qty. 4


1. Pour Moscato into wine glasses about 1/3 full per glass.

2. Fill remaining space in glass with orange juice.

3. Serve immediately. (Adding ice is optional!)

4. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!
You’re welcome.


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