Nate Berkus Desk Collection

Nate Berkus Desk Collection_3

A couple of months ago, as part of my desk space fanci-fying, I bought a bunch of Nate Berkus desk supplies from Target.

First of all: I love Target.
Secondly: I love gold.
Third: I needed several items to assist with the glam and storage of my desk space.

Because I love metallic colors (gold, bronze, silver, and copper), finding these supplies was awesome!
Here are some photos from All the Cute pieces I picked up in his collection…

Nate Berkus Desk Collection_4

These file folders are such a fun way to add more creativity to a desk area,
rather than the more traditional (and blah-boring!) manilla folders.

Nate Berkus Desk Collection_2

Nate Berkus Desk Collection_5

I love the letter organizer.
This is a perfect way to sort mail during the week!

Nate Berkus Desk Collection_7

Nate Berkus Desk Collection_6

Nate Berkus Desk Collection_1

So…that’s most of the items from the Nate Berkus desk collection!
Click on the following  links to shop the line at Target:

File Folders | Mail Organizer (no longer available, similar here & here)
Scissor Shears | Magazine Bin (no longer available, similar here) | Large Paper Clips | Push Pins
For other items I have had my eye on in an office space, follow my pin board: Offices & Lady Caves

What are some desk pieces you picked up to glam up your work space?


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