Novelstyle Shop Photoshoot



Going Fishin’ Dress 
Varsity Heels



Bow Time Tee 
Denim Shorts 



Favorite Tee
Lemonade Stand Skirt


{All Photos by: Mackenzie Hope Jones}

Hello All!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day! This post is exciting because it’s the followup to my post about doing a modeling shoot for Ileana Druetta, owner of the online boutique Novelstyle


…Ileana, who studied fashion, textile design, styling and visual merchandising in school, opened her shop with a very unique concept in mind. As Novelstyle is an online boutique, Ileana prioritizes making sure the clothing descriptions are straightforward and honest. She says, “our goal is to explain and show the product as it is. if it runs big or loose, if it is a little bit sheer, we do not want you to find out when you receive it… we want you to know it before you buy it.”

Ileana also explained that she strives to price her clothing so that it is affordable. Instead of marking up the price of her clothing way beyond their actual value, then having a crazy sale (like 75% off), she keeps her pricing relatively stable and priced fairly to begin with. Ileana shared that “being a small business makes it difficult to compete with big shops that buy in bigger quantities… but by being honest and having reasonable prices and unique things, we hope that we can make our spot in the online shopping world.”

If you liked some of the looks I wore in this post… be sure to head over to the Novelstyle shop to see the 2016 spring and summer collection. You’ll see more photos of me, and the other fashion bloggers from the Chicago area who modeled for the collection. And if you haven’t done so yet, check out the post Behind the Scenes: Novelstyle Shop Photoshoot which details the day we modeled for the collection.

Oh, and one more thing… while you shop at Novelstyle, use code AMBER20 to save 20% off your purchase and also for free shipping!

With Style & Love,



  1. Amber the fishing dress is so cute and I love the floral skirt with the dark grey tank… I hope her business does well, I like that she is trying to keep the prices down, I think we need more local businesses but we need to shop in them xox

  2. You looked so great in all of these outfits! Doesn’t matter the print, you can pull off fish, bows, and lemons! haha That bow shirt has to be one of my all time favorites though! I love that you had Ileana’s input about her philosophy behind the store. It’s great to hear about her passion for the clothes!


  3. I love finding new boutiques like this! It’s such a great way to ensure you own unique pieces that everyone else isn’t wearing. I’m obsessed with that lemon skirt! Thanks for sharing.

    Nineteen Windsor

  4. Good Morning from the Philippines! Oh my gosh Amber.. these photos are simply stunning! Love them all! You are glowing and I love your outfit. Looks like a fun photoshoot. Thanks for sharing! Stay fabulous! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    much love, Len

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