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Sandals (sold out, similar)

Alright, real talk… it’s 12:13 AM. I’ve been watching DVRs of my favorite junky BRAVO TV shows pretty much all day (well, all day Wednesday, since it’s now Thursday…) and currently on play is Vanderpump Rules: Secrets Revealed. Anyone else watch that show? I can’t wait to finish this post so I can go to sleeeeeeeeep.

Anyway… some scoop: this weekend (Sunday!) is David’s birthday, so we’re going out with friends Saturday night, then on Sunday I am taking him to see an improv show in Chicago’s Second City. Alena is out of school in about a month! I can’t wait for a summer of mommy/daughter time, especially since she’ll be a 5th grader in the fall, and it’s hard to accept how fast time truly moves. Finally, I love this dress!! Speaking of summer, I can’t wait to rock it throughout the summer! It looks great and feels comfortable off-shoulder, or pulled up. Definitely a must-have!!

Have a great weekend! Follow me on Snapchat: prettyperfect89 and Instagram: @ambershann0n for my daily life updates! (David would like to make an IG account for me called “Amber After Hours.” Ha ha ha!)

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  1. Beautiful outfit- I just got a pair of those gladiator sandals, hoping they’d work for my thick…er….strong calves, but they look silly on me. Love this look

  2. The print and fit of this dress is amazing! And those tassels are so cute! I haven’t heard of that show, we just have basic cable and watch everything on Netflix pretty much, but I’ve been so bad about spending all my alone free time binge watching TV, I actually talked about it in my post today too! Haha. Hope you guys have fun at Second City! Dan and I have been going there a lot on our birthdays too. David and I are close, my birthday is one week from today.


  3. Cute dress, the style goes perfectly with your sandals. We have a Second City here too, but I really want to go to the one in Chicago. Sounds like a nice evening!

  4. David sounds funny… I am glad the weather is so great there so that you can wear such cute dresses Amber… yay to summer dresses and clothing… I can hardly wait to head out for a walk with just a tee and exercise pants… it so much more comfortable then wearing coats or hoodies xox

  5. Why hello there, gorgeous! That dress looks amazing on you, girl! I love the print, fit and you’ve styled it to perfection with those gladiator flats, too cute! I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating David’s birthday, Happy Birthday to him! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty!



  6. Im loving the off the shoulder trend, though it really doesn’t look good on me… and I still do not know what to do with the bra situation! :D
    But this dress looks amazing on you!!! So beautiful <3


    Novelstyle Blog

  7. Lovely post ! You have the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen by the way ! Honestly, just from your smile you look like the nicest person ever haha, if that makes sense ! Anyways, I love your dress, it is so cute <3


  8. Love your style Amber! So glad I found you on Insta – hurray for fellow Chicago bloggers! I also can’t wait for summer (teachers need the breaks too!) How was the improv show? I haven’t gone to a second city one yet, but I love iO Improv, have you heard of that place? Can’t wait to continue following along!

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