Patchwork Print Romper








 (sold out, similar)
Lipstick | Revlon “Ravish Me Red”
Nail Polish | OPI “My Dogsled is a Hybrid”

Happy Wednesday, beautiful ones! How’s your week going? Alena is on spring break this week… and she’s been running back and forth between our house and her neighborhood bestsies, so I’ve spent a lot of time spring cleaning and organizing. I feel so accomplished.

Now, onto the romper… love, love, love it! A couple of weeks ago, I wore a different romper, and as much as I loved that look… I love this one even more! The colors and cut of this romper are great. Looking forward to reading your thoughts, do you like? Also be sure to stop by on Friday for my 3rd post of the week! Next week… I’ve got some exciting collaborations to share with you, so pop by then, too!

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  1. This is a great romper Amber, it look so cute… xox

    I was worried about Instagram in the beginning but I heard that it only means if you are sleep and miss a pic of one of your favorite followers it will put it up top.. I roll through the whole list anyway… and they are only going to do it for a few people to see how it works and then possibly have everyone… hopefully it works okay xox

    Yay to having Alena home for spring break… and wow that you are getting so much done, I have so much to do here… I need some time xox

  2. Andrea Nine

    I love the print of this romper!! Oh and those shoes are fabulous!! You look gorgeous and I love the rustic setting you’re in, perfect with this outfit!!

  3. I LOVE that romper and the place that you took the photos at is the perfect spot for a print like this!! XO
    PS- I promise I don’t give anything away in book reviews! I just outline stuff of note or what could be controversial bc it’s non-fiction. MWAH!

  4. Harija

    Great post as always!!

    Hope you had a wonderful week!!

    Thanks for the support and thoughtful words on my recent post, I deeply appreciate it!!


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