Pink Valentine











Pumps (similar)
Lipsticks – Revlon: Mix of Sky Line Pink and Sassy Mauve
Nail polish – OPI: You’re Such a Budapest

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! How is your week going? Mine is draaaaaagging… I’ve been doing so much thinking lately and I keep finding myself waiting…for…time! Time to think! Time to act! I’m basically rambling about nonsense because I don’t want to officially share all my details just yet, but I’m feeling stagnant in life and this isn’t a good place for me. It’s not where I’ve been or like to be. I like a challenge. I like excitement…. anyone else the same? I think all that goes with the “go-getter” territory.

Goals and constant vying for change aside, I’ve got a busy upcoming months! My weekends into March are already getting booked up and it’s only a week and a day into February! Once it warms up, I know my weekends will continue to be busy, but I like keeping busy… yaaa dig?

What’s on your agenda for Valentine’s Day weekend? David and I went on a romantic, fancy dinner date this past Saturday, and this weekend we have some other stuff going on. I’m hoping we squeeze in a movie theater visit to see Fifty Shades Darker… he he! I’ve read all 3 Fifty Shades books and I own the first movie on blu-ray (even though it was kind of awful!), and I am quite interested in seeing how the second film goes.

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  1. You look so beautiful in this all pink outfit; I love the monochrome vibe! I know what you mean, girl, I don’t like routines that last too long, I get board of them rather quickly and like to experience something new every so often. I hope whatever your thinking of works out for you! I haven’t seen the movie before, but every woman especially seems to really love it ;) I hope you have a wonderful day, girlie!


  2. This is the cutest outfit! love the details on the coat and your dress <3
    we've decided not to do anything on Valentine's day since we do little things for each other all the time anyway :)
    I know what you mean about being stagnant not liking it at all. I'm the same so I've been making an effort to make goals and set challenges for myself!
    naghmeh lesani

  3. This shade of pink is GORGEOUS! That dress is beautiful on you and love the coat. I know what you mean about busy. It’s insane! It is probably why the year goes by so fast haha. So sorry to hear you are not in a good place, but I hope it all gets sorted soon! Thank you so much Amber for your sweet words :)

  4. Well at least while you’re rambling and haven’t the time, you look super cute? I love the all pink outfit, I would never think to do that and now I just may!

  5. The second I saw this look I literally gasped out loud – I LOVE IT!! Such a cute dress and I like how you kept the look monotone. I’m with you on enjoying excitement and I get uninspired when I’m doing the same thing day in and day out. Once the weather gets a little better I hope things will start to pick back up!

    Allison / Joy and Ivy

  6. Adi

    Beautiful, as always!! I love this look!
    Adi xx

  7. Amber you look gorgeous in pink… that dress looks stunning on you… it’s so pretty and I adore your blue nails, they work well with the pink xox

    I hope you have the excitement you desire in your life… being bored isn’t good, I know… xox

    It’s so nice that you and David had a lovely sounding Valentines day… how sweet xox

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