Pop of Pink…









Jacket | Top | Leggings | Loafers | Lipstick: Revlon “Sultry Samba” | Nail Polish: OPI “Bubble Bath”

Here’s Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was fun! Busy, but fun! A lot of exciting changes have been going on in my world… a new guy I’ve been dating… a new job opportunity… and with the job opp, more opportunities await to move ahead with pursuing my career passions…

I will definitely reveal more details in due time, but it’s always a great idea to follow me on Snapchat (@prettyperfect89) and Instagram (@ambershann0n) to get daily life updates!

Onto my look… well, loving the black denim jacket, loving the lace tee (you need to check out the price at H&M!!), and my pink loafers are undoubtedly the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own!!

Tell me some excitement about your life!



  1. Amber you look wonderful in black and I really like the pink for a pop of color for you…

    Congratulations on the new job, I too have applied for a new one and I am hoping for the change xox…

    I hope all goes well with the guy and that he deserves you xox

  2. Obrigada pelas palavras! ;D

    Aquela duplinha é muito boa. Estou adorando!

    Amei o seu look. Gostei de cada detalhe! As fotos também ficaram lindas.

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

  3. These loafers are all the cute ;) I adore them and they look so comfy! I love how you paired them with all black to allow them to pop, as well as your pretty pink pout! Congrats on the new job opportunity, can’t wait to to hear more! Have a wonderful day and week ahead, beautiful, and thanks so much for sharing!



  4. Hoje um dia muito especial
    para todas as mulheres.
    Hoje um dia em que podemos
    dizer sem medo de errar.
    Somos mulheres ..
    Somos todas iguais e única
    ao mesmo tempo.
    Deus abençoe pelo seu dia minha
    amiga querida.
    Deus abençoe nosso Dia.
    Deixei mimos na postagem
    se gostar fique a vontade
    para levar ofereço com carinho.
    Um beijo carinhoso.

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