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Hey darlings! Wow, I am overwhelmed by the heartfelt comments that were left on my previous post. In a nutshell, I shared the hesitations I’ve had to key a lengthy blog post, because it would go unread. The responses I received were a mix of advice, empathy and support. And I am so grateful for those responses!!

Soo… Monday was the first day of summer. What have you all been up to?  What are your summer goals and plans?

Since the work I do is from home, I’ve got Alena home with me, and she sure is one busy girl! I tell you… she has a bigger social life than I do. Alena is enrolled in jazz, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, and tumbling classes. She also attends a tutoring center to work on math (it’s not her best subject, so she goes to tutoring 4-5 days per week in the summer). Alena would also like to take guitar lessons, but I haven’t officially signed her up yet (we’ll see). In addition to her scheduled activities, she has playdates and sleepovers galore. She’s kept busy, but so have I… This next week or so, I hope to focus on accomplishing more of my summer plans and goals. I’ll have to write about them in an upcoming post…


In reference to summertime and plans, one thing on my list was to meet more Chicago bloggers. And a few weeks ago, I went to brunch at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba with (in order of the above photo) Danielle, Sarah, Lydia and Christina. I’ve mentioned Christina a few times before (huge thank you to her for taking the photos in this post!), but that was my first time meeting the other girls in person, and they were great. We talked a lot about our personal lives, as well as goals in growth as bloggers. For brunch, I wore this popover sundress, and while passing by that cute, little pink door, I absolutely had to stop for #ootd photos! Cute, yeah!?

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  1. This dress is so cute and I love the color combination!! Since I made my Summer To-Do List I’m motivated to accomplish everything on there this summer! It sounds like you are going to be very busy with Alena’s schedule alone :)! I love the blogging community online but have yet to get out and meet anyone in person, so I am now making that another summer goal – thank you for the inspiration!!

    Allison / Joy and Ivy

  2. Amy Arnold

    She sounds busy! As a former math teacher, I think it is awesome she is doing tutoring to help. So glad you have gotten to hang out with some other bloggers. That is the best! Cute dress.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. Amber I’m happy that people actually read your blog last time and that some people gave you nice comments…. I honestly think more bloggers need to do that, that is the way to build really blogging friends, caring about what is going on their lives… xox.

    I am glad to hear you were able to meet some other bloggers, I truly hope to meet many in the future xox

  4. That pink door was just begging to be photographed so I don’t blame you! I’d like to meet more bloggers so I’ll see about making that a goal of mine moving forward. I missed your last post so I’ll have to go check that out now too.


    Violet Roots || Instagram || Twitter

  5. First off, Amber, I have to let you know how much of an AMAZING mother you are to Alena! She’s going to grow up to be such an amazing, beautiful, bright, and well rounded young woman, seriously, you’re doing a great job! As for your outfit, I LOVE that popover dress! I love these styles because your girl don’t have much going on up top, if you know what I mean (haha) so these kinds of dresses add a little dimension to help me out ;) You look absolutely gorgeous and how exciting that you’ve been able to meet up with some other Chicago bloggers! My hubby has some crazy, unpredictable hours at work, which make it a bit challenging to plan things out, so we can kind of go with the flow, haha! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, beauty!



  6. Your dress really is super cute and Alenas scedule sounds busy but fun! I love how children are able to do a whle lot of things without feeling stressed and adults begint to complain about stress when they have jsut a few more things to do ;)
    Have a great weekend!
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  7. Angelina

    I love that pink wall you shot in front of! Dresses like those are my favorite to slip on in the summer, and gosh, you’re so toned! I keep trying to work out at the gym, but it’s intimidating!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

  8. What a stylish group of ladies! :)

    Love your printed sundress too, it really pops against the pink door, awesome spot for a OOTD photo or two.

    It sounds like you and your daughter will have a fun but busy summer :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. You sound like a busy busy mama! I love how your girl has an even busier social life than you! How cute is that. I would love to attend more blogger meet ups in my area also! They’re so fun! You’re looking fab in your ensemble as always <3


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