Pretty in Pink










Sweater (other styles I love here & here)
Pumps (similar)
Earrings (similar)
Lipstick: Revlon: Sassy Mauve
Nail polish: OPI: Bubble Bath

Hello Lovelies!

Can you believe there’s only one week left in January!? 2017 just began… but I have so much planned in the next few months, I know that the first half of this year will fly by! Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few weeks. Last week, I shared an Edgy Valentine ensemble, but today’s look is sweet and simply pretty in pink. Wishing that I had something awesome to say and to share… but my life lately has been pretty steady… and normal… I do most of my daily life updating on Snapchat and Instagram, so follow me in those places! And, please, do me a favor, leave your best blogger tip in the comments… Answer this: in your opinion, what is the best thing a blogger can do for her blog?

With Style & Love,



  1. I feel like that shade of pink was made for you and I also love the point of those shoes. As for the blog…that is a tough one…find your groove that works for you? find your voice and like your personal style, make your blog authentically you?

  2. I absolutely love that sweater, the details are so cute and it looks so good on you! As for the blogger tip, do you mean in terms of design or content? In terms of design, I’d say having a site that’s easy to navigate, which I feel yours is already! In regards to content, I’d say creating a unique voice and niche, which I think you do as well, lol. I hope you found my answer helpful? Have a wonderful rest of the week, beauty!



  3. I love the soft pink of your sweater Amber… it looks really sweet on you xox… I hope your upcoming valentines ends up being really special, I think being steady is good but we all need a little extra fun xox… Have a great week xox

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