Pretty Polishes

I think it started 3 years ago…
What you may ask? Well, getting my nails polished super, incredibly regularly!
(Honestly, I used to wear every 2 week fill gel nails back about 8 years ago during the last couple years of high school and into college.)
When no-chip manicures became very popular. I was hooked. I tried Shellac and O.P.I. No-Chip. I ended up going in for O.P.I. no-chip manis for about 2 years straight.
Then I realized it was kind of an expensive habit. I also realized the chemicals/filing thinned my nails. So I stopped going and started polishing myself, well, for the most part…

I’m a huge fan of OPI and Essie (like what girl isn’t?). I like painting my nails because I get “nail polish boredom” and I’ll switch up anywhere from 2-3 colors throughout the week.
I probably use OPI colors more than Essie because I like how the color paints on with just one to two coats (Essie colors usually require at least three for best results).
While I find many of them absolutely awesome, I’m a bit classic and paint my nails a solid color and pass on the designs.
For me, the fun is in the color. I like bold and bright colors from deep purples and blues to hot pinks and fiery reds.
Here are some pretty OPI polish colors I currently love…


All of the above polishes are OPI colors.


Color names from left to right: Koala Berry, Pink Flamenco, Charged Up Cherry, & My Chihuahua Bites


Color names from left to right: You’re Such a Budapest, OPI Euro Euro, Keeping Suzy at Bay, & My Dogsled is a Hybrid

While I didn’t feature them in my post, you can still look at Essie colors!

What are some of your favorite nail polish brands and colors? Do you like giving yourself manicures or do you pop into the salon?



  1. I’m a big fan of OPI and Essie as well, they’re definitely my top faves! I used to do gel or acrylic nails every now and then back when but it really is an expensive habit and I’ve since done all my mani at home :) These are great polishes, I love the pink ones.

    • Going for manis regularly can get really expensive! It can be affordable for sure, especially the no-chip mani because it lasts, but I think about where those hundreds of dollars can go…and right now, can’t justify the spending!! Glad you love the colors! Thanks for stopping by dear!!

  2. Love love love these colors! They make me so excited for Spring to come! I’ve been doing my own nails for as long as I can remember! I used to do the acrylic thing back in HS but its so bad for your nails!! >.< Plus my whole thing is, why pay someone to do something you can do yourself! :) Did you see the Rebecca Minkoff x Essie collar coming out in March?? Omg I'm obsessed!!
    Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

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