Purple Poncho Sweater









Alena’s Look: Poncho | Tee | Leggings | Boots (on sale!) | Socks | Headband

(Her hair was blowing all around because it was very windy on Saturday! Though… the wind is not necessarily why Chicago is called “The Windy City.”)

Hey there! It’s Monday… let me briefly shared some highlights about the weekend… On Saturday morning, I woke up early (weekend woes!) to take Alena to audition for Disney’s The Lion King at The Oriental Theatre in Chicago. While she did not get selected to play Young Nala, she really enjoyed the experience..and how many 9 year olds are bold enough to audition for Broadway!?

After the audition, we met some friends and family for lunch at Eggy’s (like my new fave breakfast spot in the city!). After lunch, Alena and I explored around Millennium Park, which included a visit to The Bean and also the interesting sculpture she’s posing near, and then we headed back to the car to head home for the day.

I decided to feature Alena today because, of course, I’m into fashion, and my interest goes into kids fashion, too! It’s so much fun having a little girl to dress up. What do you think about my cutie? Shall I bring Alena back for more style posts? How was your weekend?

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  1. Amber, your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!! How brave is she to have audition for such an iconic play?! If acting is what she wants to do, she will get there! Not only is she gorgeous, but her beautiful personality shines through like a star!

    I have a step-daughter who is 13 and just comes to me for fashion advice now, but back when she was 9, I had so much fun dressing her! Such a fun age, since you can do so much with them and they start to develop opinions, so you can have really great conversations.

    I hope you have a wonderful day, beautiful, and thanks for sharing your beauty with us; she looks just like her mama!



    • Jalisa,

      Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment!! I don’t want my little one to grow up…it’s going by so quickly! But I know the Mommy-Daughter Duo moments as she is a teen and when she becomes and adult will be fun, too!! :o)

  2. She is so damn brave & cool for auditioning for a Broadway play. I would have NEVER had the courage that young to do anything that thrilling. Boss. She is also stunning, so what a powerful combo.

    I still can’t believe she auditioned, that’s so cool. Like, I’m 22 and I still would give someone the side eyes if they suggested auditioning for anything lol.


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