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Sneakers (& here, too!)

Happy Thursday, Lovelies! …So I purchased this two-piece set back in February, and am excited to finally share this outfit on my blog. When I first tried on this ensemble, I was iffy about purchasing both the top and the skirt. I thought the outfit was too matchy-matchy… so I sent a Snapchat of the look to some of my friends on Snapchat (you can add me: PrettyPerfect89), and everyone voted for me to buy both the top and skirt, so I did. And I must say, I love the pieces both separately and together.

This two-piece set is great because the cropped tank looks great with denim shorts, or almost any other bottom, and this skater skirt looks great with a plain tank or cropped tee. Together, the two-piece can be worn dressed up, or even more casually as I share in this post. When I wore this outfit over the weekend, I meant to have gotten some photos of my look with a grey, zippered hoody, but it was hot and I forgot to add the layer…so just a good tip to keep in mind when wearing this outfit more casually. Also, to keep it casual, adding a pair of sneakers as a color pop, like my mint Converse, adds to the dressed down vibes.

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  1. OMG those mint converse!! I’ve never seen that color before; they are so so cute! I love how they add a gentle pop to the classic black and white!

  2. Amber, I love skater skirts/dresses… and wearing a cute pair of sneakers is a great way to be cute and casual. I am happy to hear the weather was so good you didn’t have to wear a hoodie… it’s pretty warm here today xox

    • Glad you bought them! I LOVE mine!! The color is darling and they go with a lot!! Coffee date soon and we’ll be cheesy and wear our matching sneakers? :o)


  3. Hi Amber,

    I remember buying as a teenager two pieces outfit. Growing up, I just left these memories (along with a bunch of photos) behind.

    Though now that I see your photos, I have to admit that I am falling in love again with two pieces outfit. You styled it amazing and you look absolutely beautiful. Props to you!

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