Beauty Routine: Spin for Perfect Skin Review


Hey all! I’m really excited about this post because I get to talk about something very important to me: skincare! I have received lots of compliments and questions regarding my skin, particularly the face, and I’ve stated that I would talk about my facial skincare routine… so here goes…

Beauty Five:

ONE. I’ve been using the same skincare product on my face since I was 18! That’s 8 years of devotion to my favorite brand: Artistry. I use the Hydrating System moisturizing wash and SPF 15 lotion.

TWO. In the morning, I usually simply rinse my face with water then moisturize with lotion, and a bit of shea nut oil. At night, I wash with the hydrating facial wash and again follow the same moisturizing steps.

THREE. I don’t wear much makeup. I don’t even own concealer, powder, blush, etc… I couldn’t even tell you how to put it on, or what kinds to buy and that whole deal. The only make up products I do use are: eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, and a chapstick or lip balm. (Daily, I only wear a lip moisturizer.)

FOUR. When I want to break from my daily routine, I occassionally use Artistry’s pore cleansing masque or polishing scrub.

FIVE. Lately, I’ve been using a really awesome cleansing brush, it’s amazing for an at-home facial! The Spin for Perfect Skin Face & Body Cleansing Brush from Vanity Planet is the perfect tool for cleaning and exfoliating.






Ivory Maxi Dress | Earrings |  Rose Gold Crystals Bracelet | Ivory Bracelet | Rose Gold Bracelet | Nail Polish Color: Essie “Minimalistic” | Lipstick: Revlon “Sassy Mauve”


More about the spin brush: I’ve been using the spin brush for about a month and I love how my skin feels refreshed and extremely clean after use.  The spin brush is great because it can be used all over the body. The tool comes with four attachments: a body brush, a cleansing brush, an exfoliating brush, and a pumice stone (perfect to use for pedis!). The spin brush is awesome because it’s so simple to use, it works with any cleanser, it’s small (convenient for travel!), and it comes in 3 lovely colors.

I highly recommend giving the spin brush a whirl. It’s a must have for those at-home spa moments. Use code CUTESPIN to save 70% off of all Vanity Planet face and body brushes!

I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive an item to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


  1. I like spin brushes… I haven’t used one in awhile… I need to get a replacement one. Your skin looks incredible… and I adore the ivory dress you have on, you look so pretty♡ xoz

  2. Margot

    You beautiful girl! You look so radiant and you have perfect skin. This is a great beauty talk and review and I am going to check out that spin brush! Great photos.. I am awed! :)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  3. What a great post! I love reading about skincare tips and how people do different things to maintain their routine! I also don’t wear much makeup. Ever since I started using Maybelline BB cream, I never looked back. Hate how foundation feels on my skin.

    Have a lovely day!


  4. You lucky woman! You have such beautiful skin and yes, I think wearing little to no makeup helps too. I only recently saw tips by dermatologists on only rinsing face with water in the morning to keep all the good oil that forms on our face throughout the night and was wondering if there’s any merits to it. Now I know for sure it works because look at you, your skin is flawless!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Thank you, Shireen!! Yes, that is exactly why I usually only rinse my face with water in the mornings instead of using a cleanser… try it out!!

  5. I also do not make up all day. Only for special occassions. I use my black soap everyday. It lets my skin so soft & very clean. And I do a mask with honey-sugar-lemon juice almost every week ! I love natural products for my face. B/c I used to have too much problems of acnea with chimical products -_-

  6. Your skin is gorgeous…can’t believe you have been using the same product for 8 years, you must really love it :)

  7. You look so beautiful in that dress. I love your beauty routine too. I am not a big makeup fan either, but with the close shots that I have to take for my hair, I love to use my little MAC powder + foundation. It’s a good thing you know what’s best for you and you stick to it.

  8. Andrea Nine

    Such a flawless beauty!! I have a spin brush and love it! You in a field with flowers is pretty as can be! Thanks for sharing your routine!!

  9. I don’t wear much skin makeup either and I find that this actually helps my skin. I haven’t heard of Artisty products before, but I’ll definitely check them out. 8 years is a long time so they must be good :)

  10. Amber you look incredible in these photos! You’ve got such great skin, you’re so lucky you don’t have to use foundation etc.

    Rachel xx

  11. Amber, these are such stunning photos of you!!! Also, I have been using sunscreen since I was 17 too. I worked in a salon with tanning beds and saw what awful things it was doing to people’s skin! You’re so lucky you don’t need concealer – my dark circles demand it! xx

  12. You’re such a beautiful lady. You’ve a good skin. :)
    I’ve to give this a try – sounds wonderful.

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