Trip to the American Girl Store

American Girl Store_1

A few Saturdays ago, Mike and I took Alena to The American Girl Store downtown on Michigan Ave.
Of course, Alena had a blast! I took Alena twice before, once when she was about 3 years old (she got a Bitty Twins doll),
and then also last winter, when she got her first My American Girl doll. Alena named her doll, Lily.

This year was all about the outfits, and a trip to the doll hair salon…and also to get Lily’s ears pierced.
Right? Doll hair salon AND ear piercing. Kind of ridiculous, but Alena adored every moment of the special morning.
Seeing as how we went like 3 Saturdays ago, this post is long overdue, buuut, nevertheless, here are some photos from the special day!



American Girl Store_2

American Girl Store Hair Salon

American Girl Store_5

American Girl Store_4

American Girl Store 3

Did you ever have an American Girl doll?
I remember my parents took me to get the special doll, and I cherished that toy oh so much!
xo, Amber