Weekend: Spa Slumber Party

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This weekend, I saw the BF a bunch, one thing Mike & I did was go see the Kevin Hart movie The Wedding Ringer, it was very funny and a good date movie! I also went to my sister’s place for a spa slumber party! She’s a couple of years older than me, but it’s great because we share a lot of the same close friends, and it was so much fun getting together with a group of girl friends to have a spa night and slumber party! In short, we ate good food, masked up our faces, had the optional to do our nails, and stayed up late talking, drinking wine, and enjoying the years of friendship…or I really should say, sisterhood.

Here are some photos from the night, so glad I was able to attend (sorry they’re just snaps from my phone)!…

Spa Slumber Party_3

Erica, my sister had us ladies bring a bottle of wine and the option of a dessert or something more filling to munch on.
But for the most part… she had a wonderful spread of chicken & pineapple kabobs, cheese fondue, veggies, breads, berries, and lots of treats!

Spa Slumber Party_1

Speaking of treats, the cupcakes are something I baked with Alena and brought over. They’re Maraschino Cherry Cupcakes.
I’ll definitely have to share this recipe, it’s a favorite of mine!

Spa Slumber Party_2

Spa Slumber Party_5

Spa Slumber Party Goody Bags

Erica made Spa Gift Bags for us! There was a big bag to be won. We played a game from our arrival until midnight where you couldn’t
mention anything about men… it was Girl’s Night so the made up game of “No Boys Allowed” was fun. Except I lost…

The gift bags were perfect for spa night, they were made up of:

1. New Face Cloth

2. Olay Cleansing Wipe

3. Biore Pore Cleaning Nose Strip

4. Nugg Face Mask

5. Mini Hand Sanitizer

6. EOS Lip Balm

7. Essie Nail Polish

8. Mini Candle

9. Mini Body Wash

10. Facial Buffer Sponge (example)

Overall, the weekend was great, the perfect blend of time with the boy, and the girlies!

How was your weekend? Did you host or attend any parties?




    • It was one of those nights that made me realize how thankful I am to have close girl friends to get together with and do something more retro like a slumber party. Thank you for visiting!

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