White Dress and Top with Blue Embroidered Details

Mother and Daughter Summer Style: White Dress and White Top with Blue Embroidered Details

Girls Summertime Style: Straw Hat and White Dress with Blue Pom Pom and Embroidered

Girls Summer Style: White Dress with Blue Embroidered Detail

Summer Outfit Idea: White Top with Blue Embroidered Detail, Denim Shorts, Yellow Handbag and Straw Hat

Summertime Accessories: Straw Hat, Yellow Handbag and Cobalt Blue Laser Cut Flats

(psst… my “anklet” is a bracelet. Haha! I’m seriously going to be rocking ankle bracelets again. Love ’em!)

Summer Outfit Idea: White Top with Blue Embroidered Detail, Denim Shorts, Yellow Handbag and Straw Hat

Mother and Daughter Summer Style: Matching Outfits and Straw Hats

(Alena fell off of her bike on Tuesday and scraped her elbow pretty badly! I “edited” the blemish in the close up photo of her a few pics above, but just left it here since it’s pretty subtle…)

My Look:
Top (under $30!)
Straw Hat
Nail Polish: Essie – Tuck it in my Tux
Lipstick: Revlon – Love That Red

Alena’s Look:
Straw Hat
Nail Polish: OPI – Cajun Shrimp

Happy Independence Day to all my American lovelies! I hope you are spending this day and have spent the holiday weekend with your loved ones. So much struggle and strife goes on around the world in countries where citizens do not enjoy the same freedoms and ways of living that we as Americans enjoy. I am grateful that myself, my daughter and all my loved ones are able to live daily life with a general sense of security. For the most part (as I am aware that there is still much culture progress to be made), we are able to express ourselves and hold to our unique values, and do not feel a life-threatening pressure to be influenced or live life another way.

Enjoy the fireworks tonight! I will be posting again on Wednesday with a pretty cool story about an exciting moment from last week. You can always catch real time and daily updates by following me on Snapchat: PrettyPerfect89 and Instagram: @ambershann0n

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  1. I just love both looks.. the dress is the cutest. Gorgeous gals! I always love to make new blogger friends by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other and stay in touch! x


  2. Amber you and Alena are so cute… I love how sweet the two of you look xox

    Happy 4th of July, I hope you enjoy the evening festivities xox

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