World Travels…Dreaming…

Travel season is upon us…

Over the past several years, as a 21 & older, I’ve been to the following cities:

Miami – Age 21 – 2010
Las Vegas – Age 22 – 2011
Phoenix/Scottsdale – Age 23 – 2013

Chicago – Oh wait, no, I live in the ‘burbs an hour west of Chicago…

I’m cheating. Chicago doesn’t “really” count because I’ve been all the time since I was a baby.
It’s awesome living super close to such an amazing city though…perfect on the weekends!

Here are some photos from some of the national trips I’ve most recently taken:

Miami 2010

Miami 2010_1

Miami 2010_2

Las Vegas 20111

Las Vegas 2011_1

Las Vegas_3

Arizona 2013_1


In general, I’ve purposefully been to 16 of the 50 U.S. states, for some states, I’ve visited the same or several cities – multiple times. However, I have yet to leave the actual motherland of America. No, not even Mexico or Canada…(Though I feel like a 9-hour plane ride to Hawaii should count for something!) That’s a problem. Well, I shouldn’t say it’s a problem, but it’s a bummer. It needs to change, ASAP! Hopefully, since I’m 25, before I reach the big “three-oh” I will take at least 2-3 trips to other countries.
I have a pretty nice list of where I’d like to travel.

Here’s my list:

Italy (Rome, Venice, & Tuscany) – Eat/Drink & Explore

Spain (Ibiza & Barcelona) – Beach & Party

France (Paris & a stop by Monte Carlo!) – Explore

Ireland (anywhere!) – Explore

Greece (anywhere!) – Beach & Explore

England (London & Nottingham) – Shop & Explore

What do you think of my list? Should I add anything?

What’s on your list? Where’s a dream vacation for you?
Have you made it come true yet?




  1. Caroline

    I`ve never been in USA but I hope my next trip to be to this country. After few days I`m going to a holiday with my sister. The destination is Dominican Republic. We will be guests of these wonderful beaches for the second time.
    It is just a blessing to have the opportunity to travel with our bussy life. We are really happy girls.

    Keep blogging,
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    • Amber Shannon

      Yes!! I completely understand… it would be amazing to do something like work 3 weeks, then take 1 week to travel… sigh… maybe one day Americans will get it. Maybe our generation? #VoteForAmber : )

  2. Great photos! I have been to three continents now and yes there is a lot to see in the world, but we can’t forget our own backyard! There is a lot to see in the USA and I feel that each state has it’s own personalty.

    If you like nature take a trip up to Canada someday. Banff is stunning in Alberta and Vancouver is a beautiful city too.

    • Amber Shannon

      Yes! I completely agree. It’s amazing how the USA is almost more like several countries, rather than one… but you are lucky that you’ve traveled beyond North America… I hope for that one day soon enough!

  3. Greece is definitely on my radar too! I totally want to watch sunsets in an infinity pool in Santorini. Belize is also on my list as well. If you do visit Canada, you should choose Vancouver – best city to visit in all of Canada :)

    • Amber Shannon

      Ooh, I will have to look up Santorini and I’ve actually heard good things about Belize, now that you mention it. Thank you for the Canada tip…I’d go there, too! I just want to travel!!

  4. Love your blog, Amber! I am so happy to connect and love seeing you have a strong travel spirit! Get out there and do whatever you can while you can. It will change your life and can be an excellent teaching tool for Alena!

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