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{Photos by: Brittany Lyn}

Sweater | Denims | Booties | Bracelets: 1, 2, 3 | Rings: 123 | Lipstick: Revlon “Sassy Mauve” | Nail Polish: Essie “Minimalist”

I am way too excited to write this post!! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you all had an amazing NYE to ring in 2016. True to my word, I stayed in, ordered pizza, and watched movies. My best friend (and photographer for this post) came over and we had a limoncello toast to our friendship of 13 years and counting. I’m often untraditional, and sipping on the lemony liquer at midnight was better than “champs.” Okay… now tell me about your night!!

About this look… I’m in love with these skinnys! From American Eagle, these Destructed Denim X Jeggings are the best bottoms. They are comfy, and I absolutely adore the wash and the destroyed texture. Paired with a crisp white top, like this Express cable knit sweater, and this top and bottom duo are unstoppable for either casual day dress (style with booties), or a night out (wear with pumps).

So taking it back to the new year, on NYE, my bestie and I reflected back on things we learned in 2015 and also our favorite moment. I was kind of annoyed that my favorite memory of the year was with my ex. Therefore, I’m hoping this new year my best memory will be more meaningful like an awesome accomplishment. Since I promised I’d make All the Cute in 2016 less vanilla, I figured I’d share my top goals for the year (feel free to check out my goals from last year, I’m happy to write that I accomplished just about every one, this year’s are more challenging):

  • When I put my mind to something, stick to it! See it through from start to finish.
  • Love my beautiful self. (The guy I dated for most of 2015 made me feel not so great about myself, never again.)
  • Stop comparing myself to others. Just stop!
  • Be happy.
  • Chase my dreams that involve imparting change (going back to teaching? getting into politics? I don’t know, yet…).
  • Finish writing a novel.
  • Keep blogging, and improving my All the Cute corner.

What are your goals this year? Good luck! I look forward to following along with your pursuits!

With Style & Love,



  1. Happy New year!
    I also stayed home this year and it was very nice and quiet. I did get a bottle of pink bubbly and I ended up drinking…. green tea! LOL

    Your jeans are cute.
    I do not even own a pair of jeans. I have a few pairs of jeggings and I like them, but I don’t have a pair of traditional jeans!

  2. Those are some great goals! Looking forward to seeing what direction your blog will go in 2016. As for me, I spent New Year’s Eve at home: I made a pasta and watched my favourite shows on Netflix. No one says you have to go out for NYE, sometimes it’s fun to relax at home too :)

  3. I absolutely love this outfit! The jeans, the sweater, the boots! Everything about it! & I think your goals for this year are great. You really should love your beautiful self and not compare yourself to others. & of course follow your dreams :)

  4. Andrea Nine

    I love this casual look on you so much! And the white sweater looks so fresh And chic! May 2016 be as wonderful as you are, I just know great things are in store for you beautiful!

  5. I don’t do resolutions… I do however have goals all year… at different times. For now being healthy by getting in control of the food I am eating and getting back to walking now that my leg has started to feel a bit better are top on the list.

    The next most important thing I need to do is be more present with my daughter, she is 12 and a lot of things are going on that she needs to be able to know she has me to rely on… I need to step it up xox

    I love your honesty Amber, you are amazing and don’t let anyone else tell you differently xox

  6. Ooh, I’d want to read a novel by you! I love your goals all around too; you have to take care of you and that will make future life choices and pathways all the easier. You’re beautiful so absolutely do not let anyone make you feel otherwise! I hear you with being less vanilla too; my most recent post speaks of some things I’m adding to the blog this year and some things I’ll be cross advertising. I feel like I’ve been a watered down version of myself in the blogosphere, so I get what you’re saying. Also, love this look on you!! It’s cute and tough all at once! XO

  7. Happy New Years to you too! Yaaay! I did essentially the same thing. Stayed in, food and boyfriend instead of best friend hahaha!

    I love your outfit! I’m pretty much looking for some good distressed denim so I’m hoping to DIY some soon! Love them! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin’

  8. Happy New Year, beautiful! That’s awesome that you were able to spend NYE with your bestie, I’m sure you had so much fun! We stayed home as well and had a blast right in the comfort of our own living room; no need to always be out!

    I think your goals are awesome in that they challenge your character and encourage growth. I think these make for the best “resolutions”, I prefer the word goals. I’ve made a lot of these for myself, too! I think it’s so important that we focus on becoming a better version of ourselves, each day!

    As for your outfit, it certainly fits the name of your blog, as it’s very cute! I love the sweater and jeans and in fact, I don’t know if you did this intentionally, but the distressed jeans kind of give off a message; cutting up the old year and entering the new!

    Anyway, I hope you’re having a wonderful start to your New Year and I hope that everything you seek to accomplish this year will be successfully achieved; cheers to 2016!



  9. Happy New Year, Amber! Great goals! I would love to read your NOVEL once you finished it! That’s a great goal, and sticking to goals is always a good idea! Wishing you much joy and happiness in the New year!
    PS: Love the sweater and those denim! Gorge!

    xoxo, Vanessa

  10. Happy New Year! That really sounds like the most lovely way to see in the new year! Incredible, positive goals for the coming year too, which is so important! I may have to steal the one about not comparing yourself to others, it never leads to good things.
    Gorgeous outfit, I adore those boots!

    Wishing you all the best for 2016, can’t wait to read your novel!

    What Raj Wants

    What Raj Wants

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